What is beauty anyway?

19 Dec 2013

Its finals week... I should be revising now but its been a while since I posted anything in here and I missed my blog. Since there has been so many readings and studying lately, I was taking a break by reading (yeah so smart, again reading) greek mythology. I love history and ancient civilizations are one of my weaknesses I would say. So yeah, for me its really enjoyable reading mythologies and folklore.

Now one thing really got me thinking...in some of the readings there were pictures of paintings attached, like this one by Pierre Narcisse Guerin: (I want to apologize in advance for such "revealing" images but hey, I didn't paint them. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, it was the time of the renaissance and the whole great awakening things of arts and other social factors. )

It just made me think how the physical beauty back in those times were completely different from what the definition of physical beauty is now for our society. So as history changes and modifies, nothing gets away from this evolution. Technology, transportation, ideas, the way we dress!! Its crazy how along the years fashion changed. So apparently whats beautiful also depends on the time of the history we are. I mean, when did this perception changed? Its just so odd that now beauty is defined as to be physically "perfect" in such as going through plastic surgeries, having big boobs, a big derriere, a flat stomach with abs. So the chubby people are not considered beautiful according to the society?

In the fashion industry, models must be in a certain height to be accepted. Long legs, flat stomach, really skinny. We've seen issues with this that it reached to the point that those poor models have to starve themselves to be even skinnier than they already are and jeopardize their health. But why? Just because the clothes would look better on them? Who said that? Fashion has reached really extreme points. I love fashion, don't get me wrong, but I just disagree with so many things in that industry. And I do agree that certain outfits look better on "long legged" people because trust me, I'm only 5'0 and when I try to wear those type of clothes, it looks horrible. But that doesn't mean that the other types of women should be completely segregated from this. There are companies that refused to merchandise their apparel for plus size women. But why is this? Because they are not beautiful enough?

It doesn't really matter if you are skinny, chubby, or whatever you may call it, as long as YOU feel healthy then everything else is sprinkles on the finished cake.

Big difference...I wonder what would the definition of beauty be next, christmas lights all over our bodies?

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