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2 Dec 2013

Isn't that the three favorite words of all girls? Mine certainly are!
Where I used to live, in Ghana, we did not really have the option of performing online shopping. "Why?" you may ask, well , I'll tell you why: Because no retail store ships to Africa! With the exception of South Africa I guess. So everything I could do is to visit the websites and just stare at the clothes, imagining how good they would look in my closet.

However now, since I live in the USA, I can do as many online shopping as I want!! Actually depending on the amount of money I have. But that does not change the fact that even buying only one item gives you so much joy and entertainment! When you open the box and find all your clothes, brand new with that special smell of new. And don't even get me started when you try them on! You feel like you were born again.

There are plenty of options that you can buy online from. Some of my absolute favorites are Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Wet Seal and H&M. If I had to pick only one it would definitely have to be Charlotte Russe. It does not only have amazing clothing styles and beautiful shoes but the pricing is ridiculously awesome. They are constantly offering many different promotions and discounts such as "If you buy one shoe, the next would be $5".

But after a while, if you buy from the same place it gets a bit boring, so its always good to vary your options from now and then. I consider my style very versatile, so I accept mostly many different styles. I sometimes feel like wearing all formal, girly stuff like I can find some from J.Crew:

Other times I feel like having a style where says a bit of a "rebel, chic" girl that I can find it in Hot Topic:

I have some times flashes of love of the 60's or 40's which when I found ModCloth I instantly fell in love! Perfect for a vintage style:

Informal, casual style??!

I will forever love to shop for apparel, whether it is by online stores or to visit myself, the feeling is the same! Although by buying clothes online, one of the disadvantages is that for some items you wouldn't really know if they will fit perfectly or not, specially with the shoes. 

Which ones do you prefer to shop at? And do you prefer to buy online or to visit the stores yourself?

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