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14 Nov 2013

Fashion consist in taking risks most of the times. That's how amazing innovations in designs are created. Imagination, that's the key. But of course fashion does not limit itself into clothing, its influence can go far beyond from home deco to hairstyles. Meaning that the fun is not only in matching your outfits with accessories and shoes but as well you can "play" with your hair and try new things. For this season I feel like trying either two specific hairstyles. One is "Honey Blond" and the second style I would like to try is "Purple Pastel".

I know, its a bit of two extremes but in one side, the honey blond seems such an amazing color. It would blend really well with this fall season. The colors of yellow and orange of the leaves will go so good with that hair color, maybe adding a bit of ombre to it as well. It would look so awesome. Although there are different ways that it can be styled by using the honey blonde as it can be seen in some of the pictures below. Depending on how much of the color you apply or with what other colors you may combine. Anyhow, the end result would look fabulous!


Going to the other extreme of colors, we have purple pastel! This hair color seems such an exciting and thrilling trend to try out. It's different, it's original, unique, uncommon and beautiful. I mean, look at that color! It seems like a princess of Ice-land or something. However there are two problems concerning this look. 1) Would you be able to pull it off? Maybe it would not look as good as you thought it would. But hey! If you don't try it you will never know. You can also use photoshop to see how you might look like. 2) You will have to dye over and over and over again. This color requires A LOT of taking care of. Personally I think its a bit awful when you can see the roots over this type of hair color as the example of Kelly in the second row.

It looks unpolished and dirty.

It's a very difficult decision in choosing either color. Both are really good choices. Honey blonde is more of a classic look and purple pastel is more "radical", wild look which later on can be a good story to tell to the grand-sons, "Kids, I used to have purple hair!". 

Which one would you go for?

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