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6 Nov 2013

I used to not believe in love at first sight until...

I know that this color is in trend right now which makes it more appealing but even if it was a fad I would still be wearing it. I feel that the color is just so perfect, its not too bright either too opaque. Its the right "oh look at me" type of color. Whenever you wear it is like you can either feel like you are a vampire, a secret agent, a model, anything you can imagine really! At least that's what I do (hey don't judge) :p

So if you would like to buy one as well (I strongly recommend, the shipping arrives so quickly and when you open the box is like a gift from heaven) you can go to MAC's cosmetics webpage and look for "Diva" lipstick. This color is looking extremely amazing now in the fall season! just saying... 
Thanks to the blogger Vanessa from Circle Of Chaos that in one of her posts she mentioned about this fabulous product! I've been looking for this color of lipstick a while now and thanks to her I found my (what it turned to be) "soul mate" of the lipstick world. 

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