Beautiful fall days on campus...

7 Nov 2013

I've always lived in places where it was warm ALL YEAR LONG. So basically nature and landscape was pretty much the same all the time. Now that I live in Kansas, its another business. I'll get the feel of the full four seasons in here, even snow!! I've never seen snow before. Im actually pretty excited about it! not looking forward for the amount of negative Celsius it will reach though. 

It's a complete dream when you are walking around campus and you see all this orange-y colors of the leaves in the trees and on the floor. Its like a carpet of fallen leaves. The weather its not too cold (yet) which is nice, for me at least, I heard some people complaining about it already. I don't know about you guys and those people but for me, the fall season is great so far! Not only nature looks amazing but the fall season's outfits...g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. You can get to wear the classic colors like brown and black, even white but as well bright colors as yellow and it would still fit with the season. If you guys saw versace fall-winter 2013 collection, you will see some nice bright yellow coats. Beautiful. 

(Versace fall-winter 2013 2014 collection)

Here are some pictures I took around campus:

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