What to do when you have not "enough" clothes.

1 Oct 2013

If you see those videos that are comparing guys and girls they will probably have one of the points being that when girls have to chose an outfit from their closet they will always end up saying "I have nothing to wear". Well guys, its true. It really does not matter how many items of clothing we, girls, own, it will never ever be enough okay?

When you are going through one of those moments of despair (I'm really sorry sistah, I'm with ya) one of the things you can do, which is the obvious thing, is to go running to the shopping mall :D (thumbs up everybody! yei glorious mall). However there will be moments in which you wouldn't be able to...like me for example. Im in college, no car, no proper bus service (is a shuttle...whatever that is) and everything is far away, especially the shopping mall. So what is there to do? Try to look the most decent I can ever be with the little clothing I own!

If you find yourself in the same situation then I hope these tips can help you:

1) Go to your closet and check the items you own (Clothing and Accessories).

2) Try to match everything as possible. Get crazy!. There are literally times that I think that I have "nothing to wear"which the correct way to translate that should be "I have no matchings of clothes that I can wear no more". Trust me, there are so many endless ways that you can match clothing, even some that you never though would look good. And don't ever forget: accessories can make a great difference. And shoes :)

So I grab as an example only one of my shirts and matched with different shorts, shoes and accessories showing that with only one item you can do so many things with it!

And those combinations are only with shorts, there will be so many if combining with either jeans, leggings or skirts. Therefore the key is --> Imagination :D

I hope this was a helpful post for everyone and let me know if it gives you some type of relief until you can go to the mall again...

What did you guys think of these combos? What would you make it different?

Let me know in the comments below


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