"Story of my life" on repeat.

28 Oct 2013

I am supposed so be writing an essay now but guess what I'm doing instead? That's right. Listening to One Direction's new song: "Story of My Life". If you haven't listened yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's a really great song!! It's very calm and relaxing at the beginning but then in the chorus the beat races a bit but overall it's a very enjoyable song.

I don't consider myself a directioner because I don't really know every single fact about them or anything. I just really like their songs and their voices <3 I knew them way before they were famous. I remember when they performed in Simon Cowell's house the song by Natalie Imbruglia "Torn". Oh-My-God. They sounded like angels. In that moment we all knew they were meant to be! that they should be heard all around the world! which they did. So I'm very proud of them!

If you were living under a rock and hasn't listened to this amazing song, I will give you the honors to:

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