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25 Oct 2013

Im in college which means: FREEDOM!!! and which also means: having your own credit card ;) Don't get me wrong, I am responsible... or am I?  I want to believe I am.

Since Im in Kansas now, I heard that  the weather here gets very cold to the point that snows (yeii! I love cold weather and it will be my first time seeing snow), but I always lived in places that seemed it was summer all year round. So I had to do some shopping for the cold weather. Everything here is kind of far if you don't have a car so what was left to do? ONLINE SHOPPING.

I am not used to do this since I was living in Africa...the shipments do not arrive there, only if you were American then you would receive it in the American Embassy, I think. When I did my first online purchase. O-M-G. It felt like I was Jim Carrey in that movie "Bruce Almighty", I had the power. And when the package arrived. What can I say to describe my feelings at that moment? And when you open that box or bag and see your new stuff. The smell of new, the texture...its like you are in heaven.

I did once. I did twice. Third time. Fourth time. And now I lost count on how many online purchases I made.  One thing I know for sure is that its hard to stop. It turned something very addictive, extremely I will say. Well, its better to be addictive to shopping than drugs and alcohol right? Hope my parents are not reading this but in case they are. Mom, dad, I swear I do my purchases in the "sale" section...most of them. Love you :3 (I still got some balance in my credit card don;t worry, I wont call for more money soon).

Some of the shops that have amazing deals are Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Forever 21. But I will say my favorite one is Charlotte Russe. The sales and promotions they have is craaazyyy. Like today they had the promotion if you buy one pair of shoes, the next one will be only $10!! it also applies for dresses. I bought two cute boots and shipment is free from $65 so I was forced to add some more stuff. Otherwise I would had to pay shipment which was like $10 more. When I finished my purchase I went to the bag section. Thankfully I already paid or I would have bought one of those lovely unnecessary bags. But that was not it! I did some purchases from Clarins, Claire's and The Body Shop. Oh! also H&M.

I feel guilty now. (But when my packages arrive, I wont' feel guilty :D )

Here are some of the things I bought previously:

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