Saturday Blue Madness

26 Oct 2013

Black and white are very classic "colors", as well as beige or brown. But adding some color from time to time it doesn't hurt anyone. Personally I have to put colors on my OOTD. Its either my shoes, my sunglasses or even my nails, but something has to be colorful. I chose to focus on blue today because blue is such a special and beautiful color. According to research (the internet), the color blue is associated with relaxation, calming situations. That's why facebook, twitter and myspace use blue. Now if you ask me how does that have to do with being calm and using those social medias...well I actually have no idea on what the point is. What I know is that blue also reminds me of the sky, the ocean, water! When I see blue it makes me feel refresh and indeed, calm.  

When matching with accessories and clothing items, blue can be a very good color to stand out the whole outfit. Its like its making sure to let people know you are there. So I matched some of my clothing items with the blue things I have. And the result? I love it! It gives the right amount of balance among calling attention and being discrete at the same time. 

And since we are talking about blue, water and being fresh. This video is perfect :)

  "Chained" by The XX


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