Delicate issues: Fur Industry.

28 Oct 2013

It's an animal kingdom out there. We are all animals, we eat each other in order to survive. We all form part of the food chain. Our ancient ancestors used to kill animals for food and for clothing. Then why is the Fur Industry such a delicate issue to be discussed?

Humans not only developed and evolved physically throughout the years but our logic and reason, our moral and ethic values as well became strongly associated with the way we think. Therefore we are more connected to what is right and what is wrong. Animals are awesome! They are so cute. I love animals and even after watching those really terrifying videos on slaughterhouses I can't stop eating my South African ribs and steak, but when I'm offered lamb, pig or rabbit (who eats rabbit?!) I cannot eat them. So...eating cow meat is fine but other animal's meat is wrong? I always get caught up on this issue. Trust me, I HATE watching those videos where they show how animals are being killed, who would enjoy them any way? Seriously? But then again, the whole "food chain, animal kingdom" thing. Animals kill each other to survive, and if you've been in a safari and saw a lion kill a zebra, it is not all "soft and delicate", its pretty wild and bloody like situation. They do suffer. They are being killed by lion's teeth! LIONS TEETH! Imagine being dismembered by lion's teeth (sorry for the image I just put in your head).

In the Fur Industry, in the other hand, animals are being killed for fashion purposes, to use them as clothing and to look good on them. An item of luxury. Doesn't it sound a but cruel? A bit selfish? You go and kill a poor animal, take their fur out, make it a clothing item, sell it, and earn profit from it. The customer that bought that fur is now wearing a skin coat of a dead animal. As PETA states in their website "whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or one who was trapped in the wild, every fur coat, trinket, and bit of trim caused an animal tremendous suffering-and took away a life".

When I see the pictures of fur coats, I am not going to lie...they look good.

But does a dead body of an animal without its skin looks as good too?

As I said, I love ma SA ribs, but I wonder sometimes that maybe we, humans evolved into Homo Sapiens for a reason. We are the only "animals" who can actually use reason and logic. Maybe it wasn't just "because", but maybe we evolved into using our ethical values for a good cause, for protecting the other animals out there. We are aware of what is right and what is wrong. When animals kill each other, the only thing they think is survival.

What are your thoughts about this issue? 

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