Busy days... what to do with them.

24 Oct 2013

We all have those days in which we have absolutely nothing to do and really, nothing happens. Not even the neighbor's dog barking like crazy. But then we have those days that we just have SO much stuff going on, and in addition to that people just want to reach you, either to go grab a coffee or go to the movies. Why didn't you ask last time when I had nothing to do?

Then we start to get really worried, anxious and desperate. You have so much stuff going on that you don't even know where to start. Here are some tips in what to do with those type of "dark" busy days:

First of all, keep calm and do not stress. I know its really easy to say, but thats the best first thing you can do. If you stress too much its not healthy and it wont get you anywhere, to the contrary, it will make you lose more time. 

Make a "to do" listIf you are not very organized and tend to forget things, I strongly encourage you to have  a "to do" list since it will keep you in track and it just feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when you get to cross out one of those tasks. 

♥ Do not procrastinateHaving a "to do list" really helps for this one since you feel more motivated. I know sometimes is very hard to get out from the procrastination world but it will give you more stress at the end of the day when you realize you have not accomplished anything. So stop what you are doing now and go start that project or whatever you have to do. Just start and keep going.

♥ Breath. Do not forget to breath. (Well duh, otherwise we would die), but I mean breath in the sense of YOU controlling it, being aware of it. Use some techniques that will help you for a better control. It will make you feel more relaxed and ready to start and face the busy day.

Have a positive mind and believe you will make it. It might seem that it will be a looong day or week since you have so much stuff to do but guess what? It will eventually end. So instead of thinking how busy the day/week will be, and how stressful and annoying it might be, just keep a positive mindset and believe that you will make it through. Put a smile on gurl! :D

Reward yourself. When you are done, you should feel proud of yourself! You just made it through a busy day! Therefore you deserve it. Go have fun with friends! Go outside and enjoy the breath and the beautiful sky, do whatever you like! 

It is certainly not easy but it is also not impossible. So good luck in your busy days!

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