Should I use make-up?

21 Sept 2013

I had always wondered if I should or should not incorporate the action of putting make up on my face every-single-day. Its not that I have something against make up in general, but whenever I have to use it its for like special events and I look COMPLETELY different, at least from my eyes. Plus I feel so horrible. I know I know, you might be thinking "What girl feels ugly with make up on?" --> ME! Right here! haha. However it might be because whenever I do wear make up, I put A LOT of color on my face. Well...its not me, its my mom (she usually does my make up for special occasions). And I don't really like it :/ Mom, if you are reading this, don't get me wrong, the make up itself is good (good job mom!) but on my face is just... weird.

Aaaaand by this moment you are probably also wondering "Wait, your mom does your make up? , how old are you? like 12?" No, I recently turned 19 -.- . And yes, my mom does my make up. Used to actually because she is like 3 airplanes away from me (so sad, i know). The thing is :

1.) I have completely NO idea on how to apply make up. You know that thing that you need to know the step by step of like putting the base first and then another powder after powder (yeah I don't even know the names of the objects). I swear, whenever I watch those "My boyfriend does my make up" tag videos I completely understand the  boyfriend because Im in the same situation, I have literally NO idea of what Im supposed to do.

2.) Im scared. My skin is very oily and whenever I put make up on I just feel like my skin gets oilier (the sensation of ALL those products you just applied on your face). Eww. Just no.

But, now that Im in college, all alone, still got no friends, with the homesick moments I just look like sh***t all over! Especially my face. It must also be the famous "freshman 15" because I am eating a lot! So my face receives all the "benefits" of it. Pimples. Pimples everywhere! (Ew I know). I used to get a facial every month where I used to live, but now since I got no car and there is no bus around here, then Im practically stuck. Everything is so far away from my dorm. Especially the saloon. So a little bit of make up could come in handy, but then I ask to myself "Is make up good or bad for your skin"?

I don't want to completely rely on the informations from internet so if any of you bloggers/experts of make up out there can give me some tips that would be greatly appreciated! :)

Although Im trying to look "decent" with the help of make up, I still believe that there is nothing prettier than natural beauty! What do you guys think?


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