I Hate College: Now What? (Freshman Edition)

7 Sept 2013

So you just graduated and college is everywhere in your mind. You cannot wait for move in day and meet lots of new people, go to parties and of course do some studying (yeah right), meet your roommate, perhaps have a part time job, join clubs that you are interested in and even join a sorority or fraternity if you are a guy. Now, you are finally there, so excited, lots of new things, new people, food (not precisely of good taste), roommate, new people, share a bathroom, huge classes with like 200 people, new people, new people and more new people. Where are your parents? well not next to you. They are like on the other side of the freaking planet. For me at least is the case :/

Anyways, there are so many things going on. You not only have to take care of the academic stuff but you also have to take care of yourself and the place you live in. There is so much to take in one day. People aren't being that friendly as you thought they will be, you don't really have that "connection" with your roommate, you don't really like your dorm or the place you are living in and you still have no friends to hang out with. But then you think to yourself "alright, this is college. This is how its supposed to be. Im a freshman, its normal, it will eventually go away and I will get used to this...right? right?" However, three weeks has gone by and nothing, literally nothing has changed. Everything remains the same as it was in your very first day of college. All these questions pop up to your mind: where are the parties at? Where are my friends? Where is my privacy? Wasn't this supposed to be the best time of my life? Where is that? Because I can certainly not feel it. Not yet at least.

You start to freak out and feel like you really do not belong in where you are. You try to be optimistic but every day is just worst than the day before, and the feeling that no one wants to go through comes to you: You Hate College.

Now, I know it can be a very stressful situation since everyone wants to start with the right foot! No ones wants to be miserable in the place they will live for the next 4 years. So this is what you gotta do:

* You can suck it up

Im joking. No really, I was. Don't do that. It wont be healthy. Just... no.

What you can really do is analyze well the possibilities that are out there for you:

* Talk to your academic advisor or counselor about transferring to other colleges.
* See what is really bothering you. Is it because you still don't have a group of friends? Is it your classes?
* Talk to your parents about this so they can help you as well
* Don't freak out, just stay calm and really think about what will be best for you
* Give yourself some more little time to see if things won't really work out. It might get better in some months ahead.

You are not alone. There are SO many people going through this as well. And perhaps is way too early to jump into conclusions. I mean, everything is new. You are technically alone and there is no guide on how to deal with everything because each freshman experience is different. Just think really well on what your next step might be. Think with objectivity and not with subjectivity because emotions can sometimes blurry our decisions.

The best advice I can give you is to just give it time and see how things go and develop along the way. It might be going in a very slow pace but it should get better. If not, then you will have other possibilities but don't forget to ask help for it. Also, do not let this "bad start" get into you, well yes the environment sucks and you started to hate everything, but try to take the positive things out of this experience you are going through. Although you might not feel like putting yourself out there, try your best to get out and have fun (even if you still don't have friends and everyone is annoying and unfriendly :( ), even if its only with yourself. Get a book and read outside, or go to Taco Bell and eat by yourself. I mean, you are NEVER alone if food is there with you. So... think about that ;)

I really hope that things will get better for you (if this is your case, if not then well congratulations in loving your college!). And remember, you are not alone :)

Hold on&Stay Strong


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