Reflection on The Big College Debate: How Fashion Shapes Identity

12 Aug 2013

Everything in this world is at constant changing situation. If you think something has not changed, well, think again because I guarantee that it did. And who should be the one to blame? --> Time. Society changes, opinions and decisions are modified, therefore politics and beliefs changes. What else?  Technology is just like a kid in halloween with all the candies available, the kid just wants more and more and won't stop in the journey. Another thing that is at a constant change is the world of fashion and oh boy how fast it goes! It waits for no one. One minute is this X trend and as soon as you give your first blink it already moved on to the Y trend. We all gotta keep up with the speed. Or do we?

I LOVE fashion I won't deny it. Sometimes I find myself SO involved that I let myself go but where is MY identity in this whole thing?  While I was surfing the internet at my usual 4:00 am moments I came across an article that entitled  "The Big College Debate: How Fashion Shapes Identity" in Vogue news. This interesting debate associates with the students of Condé Nast to analyze how "Fashion is often cited as playing a crucial role in how we develop personal identity. " For me was a BOOM moment because that question was like the enlightenment that Buda received in one of his journeys. Yes, fashion is a very glamourous world with incredible collections every season. But thats not everything fashion is. There is a whole lot more of what Fashion really is, what it really means. 

You might be all like "ah duuuuhhhh of course Fashion represents identity, thats why style is there" but I wanna tell you guys that sometimes people do forget that main idea of fashion. As I used this quote in one of my previous posts, "Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are". We should use trends as doors to represent our identity and we should be the ones to chose which door to open into our lives. Personal identity is really important since it represents our uniqueness and personality and the way we dress says a lot. 
Fashion is not a single variable moving forwards by itself, there are so many other variables that follows such as history and sociology. If you think about it, why did fashion in the 50's -80's were so crazy? Because there was a boost in the way humans acted which was related to the advancement of music towards the pop genre, art, traditions, it was a time that demanded freedom and flexibility.  The clothing style was outbursting in colors, shape, cuts and openness that did reflect those times in comparison with the style of the 20's in which was focused in a more reserved manner with that sweet, light sophistication that femininity should be only seen as. 

Now we live in an era that we can chose whoever we want to be. If we want to represent our crazy, wild side then we have trends and brands that can do that job(like Versace). And if we are more of the reserved, serious, classy woman, we also have trends that can take care of that (Valentino maybe). Thats the wonder of this time, that we have so many options available NOW than we had before so personality does speak louder everywhere you go, either in the streets, in your job, school, runways. So we gotta be thankful for our friend "Time" which allowed us to move forward and discover many things along the way. 

Who knows what trends would be in 50 years from now (maybe clothes that are entirely built with bulbs) but hopefully it will still allow us to represent who we are, by helping us shape our identity.

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