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6 Aug 2013

I love quotes. It just gives me more confidence and feel that I can do anything in this world! (but then that eventually fades away and then just keep reading more quotes!) Here are some of my favorite quotes from various different designers or important people within the industry that has conquered the world: Fashion.

"I know what women want. They want to be beautiful" - Valentino

This quote is very simple as its meaning, women just want to be beautiful, thats it. There might be women that are not really into fashion, like shopping and dressing up is just hell for them, but that does not mean that they give up completely on who they are as a woman and what they represent as the feminine sex. We all want to feel beautiful in our unique ways. I strongly believe that whenever you feel beautiful, the confidence level you acquire just bust up greatly that if there are actually aliens in another galaxy they will feel that power of confidence that radiates from you.

"But fashion is doing its job. It's mirroring exactly our times."- Bill Cunningham

I recently saw the documentary of Bill Cunningham directed by Richard Press and is just amazing. It really transmits that reality that there is in a way in the fashion industry and in life itself. Bill does not accept the glamor and luxurious type of life that the fashion industry can offer, the documentary even shows moments in which he rejects money earned from his amazing and notorious works. It is a fact that what Bill does is magnificent and it is not professional photography (as he claims many times in the documentary) but yes it is a fine work from the passion and inspiration that comes within a human being, and that is what makes Bill's photographies unique. He does not follow what people tell him to do but rather he does what his passion tells him to do. Another fact is that we do not all agree with some fashion trends, and as Bill says in this quote, the trends are doing their function and that is reflecting the cultural times the world is going through. Valentino's opinion regarding the 80's style he believed that it was just disgraceful to fashion but hey, it was the culture back then. Wether we hate it or love it, the trend is reflecting just how the world is at that time.

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live" - Gianni Versace

Sure that trends in fashion do reflect the periods of time of our era but that does not mean that each one of us should behave like soldiers of fashion, following the exact steps of do's and don'ts. The decision that matters is our own. We are dressing our body so we are the ones to know best. Like each one of us owns an identity and personality, each one of us also own our distinctive and unique style. We shouldn't accept ALL the upcoming trends and welcome them into our closet, if its not of our interest then what is it worth? After all fashion should not be matter of "copy cats" but rather a way of expression, and thats what Sir Versace (may him rest forever in peace) said. This is what I say " Don't let trends chose you, let yourself chose the trends" ;) oh yeash.

"Fashion is not beautiful, neither is it ugly. Why should it be either? Fashion is Fashion" - Anna Wintour

I like to relate this quote to another quote--> "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". As Anna said that fashion is just fashion, it is out there the way it is. The style will be grabbed by certain costumers that find it beautiful not certainly the whole entire world. So yeah, fashion is just fashion. "It is what it is" - Mamma from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo :p

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