Things that aren't fun during the summer...

9 Jul 2013

Not only during the summer but any break we get, its always the same thing! well at least it happens to me. Having breaks its amazing! especially long ones like summer break. We get to do so many things, travel, visit family and friends, discover new cultures and activities, tan in the beach or even just read a book along the sound of the waves in the background. Is just the time many of us long for.

However, when the middle of the vacation arrives, like hummm now, it just gets dull and weird and poop-y. There is just a time that comes during the summer that you have absolutely NOTHING to do, or the things that you used to do becomes so boring since you did it so many bloody times! So I came up with this list with some of the things that turn our smiles for summer upside down.

* Your bedtime schedules get so messy! 

At the beginning is like "hell yeah! i don't have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow" so you perhaps stay all night watching movies and the next day wake up at about 9, 10 ish?. Thats what summer is all about sometimes, long, sleepless nights right? But if its every single night then it just turns into a horrible habit. You cannot fall asleep under ANY circumstances and when you check the clock its already 4 am in the morning -.- you sleep and wake up at 12 or 2:30 in the evening. Its not fun because practically the whole day was wasted and it cuts the time to so many activities that could have been done. Plus you wake up to a monstrous headache. 

* The things that normally you do gets terribly annoying.

I LOOOOOVE watching movies, and series. In fact I was extremely excited for the summer mostly because I would have the time of the world to watch any movies and series I like. I could catch up with my series and even start some new ones. But thats the problem. I started with so many series and now I can't even finish them because watching series and movies just turned so boring. I cannot finish a single movie because I get bored. My "derriere" hurts because i've been sitting for so long. I started reading the "Fault In Our Stars", its a really good book but I just couldn't finish it either. The Sims, I loooove that game. But i've been playing SO much that it also got boring that I end up killing all my sims (I'm not a serial killer I promise). The same applies to GTA. I try to engage myself with the things I like to do but because i've been doing them so much, it just got so boring and repetitive, so now I spend most of my days staring at the ceiling. 

* When friends leave you so you have absolutely no one to hang out with. 

Im not saying that Im a loner, I'm just becoming one. This might not be the same for all of you but for people that are involved in an international environment then it sucks big time. It is a common thing to leave your country of residency to visit your home country to spend time with family and friends, to travel to visit new countries with family and friends. But when you are stuck in a place where technically most of the people that you know are out of the country then you do feel alone. Of course you got your family to hang out with but its just not the same. So then that happens ... (read the next point).

* You start to look like Quasimodo, Frankenstein, you name it! 

I enjoy dressing up, putting some fancy dress with cute flats and a decent hairstyle, but a pj...IS a pj. Its SO comfortable but not to the point that it starts to be your one and only summer style. This happens when you absolutely implant yourself into the inside of the house and cannot leave. Sounds like a nightmare doesn't it? Friends are not around because they went some other place to spend summer and you... well your summer plans just ended already. So you just stay at your house e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e day and start to look hideous because you just don't doll up anymore :( 

* Your eating habits change...and not for the good, healthy path.

Should I say more? 0.o

* Time difference so skype-ing with friends turns difficult.

This is the most annoying thing ever. So now that we all graduated then we HAD to go our separate ways unfortunately. And the beginning of college is different for all of us, to even some, application is still going on. One of my friends already started college like a week ago so she has been so busy, others are involved with summer jobs and others are with their application still. All of that in different parts of the world, so time difference is huge. When one have time to Skype then the other is yet sleeping. Then Skype-ing just turns far from possible. 

And the most craziest of them all...

* You actually start to miss your academic institution.

What?! Did I just write that?...Shame on me. But its the ugly truth. Since all the things you have been doing turned so repetitive and boring then you start to wonder, think and feel how it was to be at school  again and you miss it. This might not apply to all of us but to some of us it does happen, even if it lasts for a minute of our day. 

Anywaayzz... I was not trying to give you all my negativism of my summer moment but instead just to share some things that happen now and then in some time of our break. Unfortunately, these things happen but when they do, we should automatically do something about it. After all ITS SUMMER BREAK! and it will go away very soon... so we should start to try something new each day in order to keep that feeling of adventure! even if you are completely alone in the dessert, it doesn't matter! count the stars in the sky maybe? 

Say "yes" to new things, experiment new environments, get involved in new activities, buy a new puppy, change your look, learn how to drive! Do anything you feel it will keep you alive and your blood flowing! Try not to do the same things every day and the rest of your summer will be like no other! ;)


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