Europe adventures!

3 Jul 2013


And of course, some shopping in Primark

We had travel around quite a lot but we never actually been in Europe with the whole family, so we decided that this summer we had to visit that part of the world. My dad had a business meeting in London so it was a perfect opportunity to go with the entire family as well, and then we came to a conclusion that we should also visit Paris since its very close to England. My mom always wanted to visit Paris and we could not not take the chance. I was personally very happy with all of these plans since my parents took FOREVER to decide what we were gonna do during the summer. And to chose London AND Paris was like a dream come true!

It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. If any of you guys reading this are from either one of those amazing places then let me tell you, YOU ARE A LUCKY PERSON. Its so rich in history! The architecture is perfect, the little stores, the weather, the people are so sweet and gentle, the clothes, the style, the "tube", everything! At the beginning it was quite weird and scary since my dad had to be at work so I was the one who needed to be the "tour" person. My mom's english is not "good" (thats what she says but its actually way better than 3 years ago), and my sister is too "young" (she is 11 -.- ) so they relied completely on me to guide them through the streets of London. What they forgot was that it was my first time as well in that place so it was a true challenge. It was a good experience for the future in college. Im a very dependent person...yeah, so having a bit of independency was good. Anyways, we didn't get lost! :) using the "tube" (how the British say it) was and I'm claustrophobic. In Paris I could breath a little because my dad was with us so we all helped each other. The Eiffel tower was AMAZING, however we didn't get to see the show of lights at night :( only the tip while we were walking to the hotel. The food was just delicious and ordering in french was fun, I really need to practice more french...I had a LOT of crepes! We stayed for only 4 days there but it was really cool. The weather tho was very moody, sun then rain then sun again, and then rain. The fact that it was 9pm and it wasn't dark yet was an interesting experience as well.

There were many memorable moments for me since I love history and both places were full of it, however one of  my favorite moments was in Galerie Lafayette. I had NEVER EVER been into one place that had almost ALL the brands in the world! I was in heaven. There was Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior,  Rebecca Minkoff, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Balenciaga and my favorite of them all, Valentino, among others as well. I got to touch a Valentino dress!!!

Hope all of you guys are having an awesome summer as well!

(for the soon to be "freshmen college students" out there, I wish you all the BEST of luck and have SO much fun before we all start college :/ )


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