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3 Jun 2013

One of the must in order to look fab and to complete the look, nail polish is necessary. Who does not love adding some color to the nails? And now there are plenty of colors to chose from, even those with glitters and crackle ones. But thanks to the human creativity we can do soooo much in order for our nails to look even more fabulous! One of my favorites that I recently discovered is the "newspaper nails". I love "DIY" projects but lets get real, some of them are impossible to do, or Im just too lazy. Thats why the technique of using newspaper or magazines is so easy, mostly.

The things that you'll need are:

- Newspaper or magazine, either of them work
- Nailpolish (duuh) , its recommendable however to use a light color so the letters can be seen clearly
- Water or alcohol
- Transparent nail polish
- Scissors

Step 1:

First you need to paint your nails with the color you chose, in this case I chose white nail polish. You must wait until its dry in order to go to the next step.

Step 2:

Pour water or alcohol in a small bowl and add the small pieces of newspaper or magazine to get wet.

Step 3:

Take one small piece of paper and press it against your nail. Press it for one minute approximately (It could be less but for better results I advice to maintain it as long as possible, a minute). Remember to take the paper out carefully and slowly.

Step 4:

After you have finished with all the nails, I recommend to take a little bit of the liquid and put it again on your nails and rinse the excess paper it glued on the nail. Then after you finish with that your nails are ready! If you like you can also use some transparent nail polish to give that brightness effect.

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1 Jun 2013

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