Once upon a prom...

30 May 2013

I made a previous post called "Prom 911". Well this post is the answer to that post. I decided to design the dress myself. I think it did come out pretty good. Firstly it was going to be white since in my country its a tradition in your senior year to wear white, and I thought it would look pretty cool with some red lips. But then I saw the most amazing fabric of a "champagne" color and I ended up choosing that one. Then I added some details in the front and in the sleeve so it gives a touch to the dress instead of just being plane. It was a fun night, the theme for our prom was "A night in Paris". It was certainly an emotional night as well since for us, seniors, was our last prom, kind of like the closure of our lives as high schoolers. Everyone looked amazing! all the dresses were very fun and creative. So yeah! I hope all of you guys had an amazing prom too! xx

                            (Yeah, I kind of forgot to take my hair tie from my wrist...ups)

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