Floral pants trend

4 May 2013

From the TV, magazines, to our phones, we see these types of pants everywhere. There is not much of a mystery of why, we just need to look (and try) them and we'll know the answer. They are original, perfect, different. I don't know about you guys out there, but for me, plain blue jeans are boring. Ok, I know that blue jeans are the ideal item to match with literally anything and its SO easy to just put some jeans with a shirt and cute shoes and you will be ready and set to face the world with style. But they are so common and over-used...at least for my eyes. Thats why this new trend of flowery pants are the "renaissance" on the world of jeans. They are different and transforms your outfit to other levels. Plus they are fun! 

What do you guys prefer... blue plain jeans or floral pants?

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