Once upon a prom...

30 May 2013

I made a previous post called "Prom 911". Well this post is the answer to that post. I decided to design the dress myself. I think it did come out pretty good. Firstly it was going to be white since in my country its a tradition in your senior year to wear white, and I thought it would look pretty cool with some red lips. But then I saw the most amazing fabric of a "champagne" color and I ended up choosing that one. Then I added some details in the front and in the sleeve so it gives a touch to the dress instead of just being plane. It was a fun night, the theme for our prom was "A night in Paris". It was certainly an emotional night as well since for us, seniors, was our last prom, kind of like the closure of our lives as high schoolers. Everyone looked amazing! all the dresses were very fun and creative. So yeah! I hope all of you guys had an amazing prom too! xx

                            (Yeah, I kind of forgot to take my hair tie from my wrist...ups)

Sam Snyder

Lets just take a moment and appreciate the work of the designer Sam Snyder. For those who don't know him, he focuses his work and talent in designing jewelry, mostly known for his bolds, original rings. His firm is a "sunrising" one since it started on 2011. Snyder is an alumnus from Parsons and according to his website "The brand employs a minimalistic aesthetic, drawing inspiration from an amalgamation of Bauhaus and industrial design components". And when it couldn't get any better, some of his designs are built with organic components as from pools of molten metals shaped by hand. I would strongly recommend to check out some of his work in his website - http://www.samhsnyder.com/ - for those who just LOVE accessories, especially bold ones.

Fun at the bazaar...

14 May 2013

Hello everyone! So this past weekend, my mom had a bazaar. She makes big, decorative necklaces using Ghanaian beads like the ones in the picture above. She sells them whenever there are bazaars and of course, I tag alone. I just love bazaars because you can find so many things! I bought a silver necklace, a ring (the one in the picture) and an amazing, cute bag made from african fabric with the sankofa Ghanaian symbol which means "learn from the past". There will be another bazaar this upcoming friday and I really cannot wait to go there, especially now that my high school years are over and technically my IB exams are done, I have the time of the world!

Floral pants trend

4 May 2013

From the TV, magazines, to our phones, we see these types of pants everywhere. There is not much of a mystery of why, we just need to look (and try) them and we'll know the answer. They are original, perfect, different. I don't know about you guys out there, but for me, plain blue jeans are boring. Ok, I know that blue jeans are the ideal item to match with literally anything and its SO easy to just put some jeans with a shirt and cute shoes and you will be ready and set to face the world with style. But they are so common and over-used...at least for my eyes. Thats why this new trend of flowery pants are the "renaissance" on the world of jeans. They are different and transforms your outfit to other levels. Plus they are fun! 

What do you guys prefer... blue plain jeans or floral pants?

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