What does it mean "to be pretty"?

15 Apr 2013

The pressure of being perfect is mostly felt by all of us, regardless of gender. To be good at some sport, musical instrument, to achieve good grades. However the pressure of being perfect in the sense of looking like a model is most commonly felt between girls. The evolution of the media has grown immensely that it delivers a certain influence to some extent to the targeted audience. This influence could be taken as positive but as well it could be interpreted in a negative way. I personally feel that now a days because of the media, society has created a perfect image of how a woman should look like. And that the concept of beauty is to be skinny, tall with a flawless face. A lot of people worry for their appearance, how they dress and how they look like. Some people try so hard to look like a celebrity, a model or someone else in order to look pretty. But the actual meaning of being pretty is being yourself, your true self. It does not mean being skinny or fat, being short or tall, having curly hair or straight hair. And I would say that it's alright to sometimes try to copy the style of a celebrity ( even I do it sometimes) but as well keeping your originality, your own style.

There is no need in being sad and depress because you don't look like a model. We are who we are, and I know that to accept that statement is not an easy task because sometimes we forget. Media is everywhere and when we see that "perfect", "flawless" face we get disappointed of what we see in the mirror. But just because you don't look like a barbie does not mean you are "ugly". Instead of trying to only focusing on your outside, try to focus on your inside. You will be surprised of how gorgeous you are!!! It's alright to be you, and you is perfect, is just right. And if you are still disappointed on how you look, then try a new look! There is always something new, fun and wild to try as a new style, but keep always your head up with a BIIIG smile on your face everyday because a smile is the best accessory you can ever wear.

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