PROM 911 !!!

18 Apr 2013

The school year is almost over, exams are coming up, we (seniors) are going to graduate, we have the senior banquet, graduation rehearsals and finally prom. Everything will happen within less than two months. I can't stop hearing my friends talking about their dresses, the shoes they are going to wear and the hair styles. But then when it comes to the few of us, sadly including me, we have no dress yet. As the days goes by I just try to avoid the issue but somehow it keeps coming back each day, increasing my preoccupation. The hardest thing is that I live in Ghana and to ship any dress here is a bit difficult. My body shape and size is petit and even if I order a dress there would be the doubt of if it will fit. I was thinking to get a taylor to make a dress for me but then it will be too complicated in choosing a color and designing it.

My advice for all the soon to be senior girls next year is that DO NOT do what I did, to wait. You will think that you'll have enough time and that you shouldn't worry about it, but in fact YOU SHOULD. Senior year would be the busiest school year and you will have so many things to take care of, and prom should be taken care of quickly because we all want to look gorgeous that night dedicated to ourselves! So plan well, chose well and be ready to have fun in that special night!

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