Lets move style to One Direction

19 Feb 2013

Why not talk about the five most famous and fabulous guys on Earth? Its time for One Direction! They got everything, from being funny, talented, handsome to having style that each of our guys have one of their own. This post is dedicated entirely to them and their style evolution. Enjoy :)

Louis is better known to have more of a classy, elegant style. He is characterized by wearing shirts that are buttoned up until the end. Suspenders are also his personalized style. Striped shirts and colored jeans are his essentials as well.

Zayn's look is more of the typical athletic guy in high school. He will always be wearing those athletic hoodies with bright nike shoes. His style is also inclined to the "bad boy" rebel wearing black leather jacket with urban like shirts.

Casual is what describes Niall's style. He opts more for simple items as polo shirts, normal t-shirts, cardigans and hoodies. Its simple but at the same time very fashionable. Ray bans are also his personalized style.

Liam's style is also casual but differs from Niall's. His characterized style are square shirts with jeans and usually boots. If its not boots then he would wear nike shoes as well. 
Harry's Styles (See what I did there? :P) is very elegant and fancy. His personalized look will most of the times involve shirts with blazers and dark boots. For a more casual style to Harry's preferences, he would wear jeans with a plain colored t-shirt with white converse.

Which style is your favorite and would you dare to implement them into your closet?

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