Bracelets for a good cause

19 Feb 2013

BA2U bracelets.

Help donate for BA2U charity organization


  1. Hi Fabiana, they're beautiful - the bracelets - and I'm going to spread the word thru LookBible. Do you know it? It's like a cross between Pinterest and Instragram, but better - it's just launched in London but spreading round the world, so tell your friends! You join thru facebook: and please let me know your user name (I'm JillA: user 1718 ).

    Also added you to my blog roll so I can find you again easily.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment re: Cara and my blog - and for following me. I haven't been doing my blog nearly enough now - I started it in 2009 - but since being at fashion week which ended yesterday, I'll be posting more. Probably daily again. So please do come back any time!

    But also please let me know when you're on LookBible so we can follow each other there. It's great for things like this bracelet and causes, because.. well, you'll see. I'm going to click on it now with my LookBible button, and the link to your site will stay no matter how often it's re-posted. It's got really smart features like that. And I love these colours!

    Greetings to you in Ghana from cold dark about to rain London ; ) xox

    1. Thank you for replying! I checked the LookBible, it looks awesome! this is the link to my account: and my user name is "Fabiana Z". And definitely will be coming back to your blog to be checking new posts! :)


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